Pile Holes

Digging pile holes is like having piles. A pain in the ass.


Badger Daylighting

I keep hearing horror stories of Badger Daylighting and if they are true I am really glad that they did’t hire me back in the spring of 2013 on the West Coast.

They might be the biggest company in Hydrovacing but they are not the best and any x employee probably can attest to this.

Secondary Cable That Has Been Damaged By High Pressure Water



Photo Courtesy of Atco Electric/ Grande Prairie

This cable could have been damaged before the high pressure water hit it but who’s to say, but in all likelihood it was’nt.

It is recommenced that when working around primary and secondary electric cables that your pressure is at 1500 PSI and your water temperature is at 70 degrees. Any higher pressure and hotter temperatures will rip open the outer coating of both in a matter of seconds.


More on hydrovacing buried power cables in future posts.