Locates that Were Not Located

Holly fuck, is all I can say.


Was recently on a job hydrovacing for gas and oil lines and was trying to locate two lines that were suppose to be approx two feet apart, since the locate stakes indicated that they were. Not blaming the prime contractor, but the locate company  ( that at the moment will remain nameless)

IMG 0963

This is the resulting trench we worked on over three days since the ground was continuously sloughing in and with rain falling it made it even more difficult to keep it open. On the third day the locate company that had originally did the locating came out a did a sweep of the surrounding area and found the second pipe we were looking for over two and a half meters away from where they originally had staked it.


Finding these utilities was important since there were two lines being bored beneath them for a new oil line going in.


We did another hotline crossing and ran into the same problem. Locates were totally fucked. Two locate stakes suggesting that two pipes were in same trench when buried. Not the case. We found two pipes in one trench that had only one locate stake on it, and one pipe in another that had two locate stakes indicating two pipes.


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