Damaged Primary Cable


Photo: Ian Weir © 2014 Used by permission by Atco Electric/Grande Prairie

This primary cable (pictured below the secondary) was as some people believe, damaged before the water at high pressure damaged it further, but regardless if it was damaged or not it should’nt have been hit with how every many psi did hit, which was probably more than the suggested 1500 psi when working around buried power cables.

It was in a common ditch, which in this day and age is a common practice in newer subdivisions and developments, where primary power and secondary cables as well telecommunication utilities are buried together in a ditch. Gas-line’s are usually buried a meter away from everything else.

The person(s) that were hydrovacing at the time got away their lives and with only minor injuries to one of the parties. It could have been much worse, causing death to both of them.


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