Working Safely Around Primary Power Cables

When hydrovacing around primary power cables we use a bonding mat so that we are grounded if there is fault in the line. The ground is connected to the Hydrovac truck (not shown).

If you see someone doing this, stay back at least 30 feet. Don’t approach the person



Wax and Tinfoil Don’t Like Water


Wax and Tinfoil Don't Like Water

I never actually have seen the gas pipeline that is coated with wax and tinfoil and that has been buried for 59 years and nor do I want to since it is a very delicate job to expose the pipeline with out having the water from the oscillating tip rip into the coating.

Now if you want to bury anything near the gas pipeline you have to do it beneath it and at least three feet.

It’s a horizontal hydrovac to complete the job so that the other utility can be buried and this was in some really hard clay north of Grande Prairie, Alberta and at a depth of 3 meters.

MSDS Sheet for Natural Gas:

Types of ATCO Gas Lines: