Like days like today

You drive for a hour and half to location. Set up and within an hour you have daylighted the hole and found the pipe that the consultant wanted at a depth that is very acceptable to dig out with an excavator without creating a big mess.

You clean up your equipment (which I find that a few Hydrovacer’s don’t) before putting it back on the truck since I hate it when the next time you are on a job your having to handle dirty equipment if it was’nt cleaned up.

Your back at home base in an another hour and a half.


Three months of Hydrovacing

Joined a small Hydrovacing company in the Peace River/Grande Prairie area of Alberta at the beginning of May. Was told by the owner of the company before joining that it was a retirement job for x vac truck drivers. He was half right. It’s not everything it’s cracked up to be, but interesting none the less.